Hey, love!

 Well, hi, I’m Anna. I am a twenty-something year old materials engineer turned photographer for the sake of a creative outlet. My photography journey started with couple and weddings (shout out to Hazography!) until I did my first ever boudoir - then I was hooked.

So you’re probably here because you’re wondering who TF I am and why you should totally get naked in front of me.

I’m your new hype


You should feel comfortable around your

boudoir photographer

I’m your hype woman. Your cheerleader. Your fucking person. We should get along. So if you agree with any of the below, let’s do the damn thing.

I’m obsessed with 

• Adventuring and living life with my soon-to-be husband, Caleb
• My german short-haired pointer, Pepper.

• Olivia Benson and the SVU series

• Craft beers and margaritas

• Keeping an organized yet chaotic lifestyle (lists are my everything, but I have 1500 of them)

• Seltzer water. Yes, I’m one of those people.

I am not a huge fan of

• The last couple years worth of Super Bowl commercials

• Burpees or any explosive movement for the sake of cardio

• Mayonnaise - the devil’s condiment

Three things you should know about me

• I’ve probably never seen *insert THAT movie or show*.

• Sarcasm is most definitely my second language.

• Caleb and I are homebrewers; although, it’s been a minute since our last brew.

Okay now for my spiel

As a female engineer, I know the importance of empowerment and confidence for well-being and feeling like a totally badass day in and day out.

My mantra has always been knowing your worth and value. That doesn’t stop when you clock out. That travels into your home life, your family life, your love life, your social life, your everything and anything in between life. You’re more than the unnoticed house maid. You’re more than someone’s snack bitch. You're more than a single woman. You’re so much more than those social norms and every day stigmas. You’re a total and unapologetic badass.

this is what your gonna get 99% of the time